The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965

Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
A Writer At 70 19K   Articles on S.FW The Retail Bookseller Jun'56 Complete 3100   by N. Fowler-Wright. The Retail Bookseller V59
Against The New Gods N/A   Articles on S.FW Foundation No. 29 Nov'83 - 27000   by Brian Stableford. Science Fiction Foundation magazine.
Books And Writers 6K   Articles on S.FW Unknown Newspaper   Complete 815   by N. Fowler-Wright.
The Books Of S. Fowler Wright 16K   Articles on S.FW Mag. & Bk Collector Mar'95 Complete 2470   by Brian Stableford.
Empire Poetry League Speech 39K   Articles on S.FW Institute of Jamaica 3.12.58 Complete 5800   by J.E. Clare McFarlane
Masters Of Fantasy N/A   Articles on S.FW Famous Fantastic Mys. Feb'48 - 131   by Neil Austin in Famous Fantastic Mysteries.
B. Stableford foreword 27K   Articles on S.FW S.FW's Short Stories 1996 Complete 5230    
The Word by Chris Upton -   Articles on S.FW The Birmingham Post 14Apr97 - -   Part of Birmingham Readers and Writers Festival