The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
B. Stableford foreword 27K   Articles on S.FW S.FW's Short Stories 1996 Complete 5230    
The Bably On The Rock N/A   Screen-play   Mar'37 Unavailable     The Life Of Sir Walter Scott.
The Ballad Of Elaine 19K   Arthurian Legend Merton Press 1926 Complete 2900   See Shorter Poems. Different rendering to that in Song Of Arthur. Drawings by A. Wainwright.
The Bell Street Murders 321K BUY Crime George G. Harrap 1931 Complete 54170   Prequel to The Secret of the Screen and Who Murdered Reynard?
The Better Choice 6K   Science Fiction SF Adv's in Mutation 1955 Complete 540   Written for Groff Cronklin's book. Also see The Twilight Zone Aug. 1983
The Better Choice 6K   Science Fiction Readers Digest Mar'87 Complete 387   Abridged version of 'The Better Choice'.
Beyond The Rim 612K BUY Science Fiction Jarrolds 1932 Complete 104200   Lost race novel set in Antarctica.
Beyond This War N/A   Missing Written 1942   Unavailable     Possibly titled 'After This War'.
Birmingham Poetry 1923-24 33K   Poetry EPL Merton Press 1924 Preface 4040   S.FW poems: Shrine Artemis, Ultimatum - Russia, Shiren, Death of Morgause, Lancelot at Mortaise.
The Bomb That Laughed N/A   Missing 'Inside', magazine   Unavailable     'Inside' paid to print this story - not known if published by them.
Books And Writers 6K   Articles on S.FW Unknown Newspaper   Complete 815   by N. Fowler-Wright.
The Books Of S. Fowler Wright 16K   Articles on S.FW Mag. & Bk Collector Mar'95 Complete 2470   by Brian Stableford.
Books Of Today - monthly 0K   Articles by S.FW Books of To-day Ltd 1940-41 Dec. '40 6640   Edited & contributed to by S.FW - only his work from Xmas'40 edition computerised. All at Br. Lib.
Brain 65K   Science Fiction Arkham House, USA 1949 Complete 10500   The Throne Of Saturn and The New Gods Lead
The Broken Key N/A   Missing     Unavailable      
Burgar's Aid (24K)   Science Fiction Books of To-day Ltd 1945 Complete 3995   The Witchfinder
By Saturday 411K BUY Crime John Lane 1931 Complete 68840   Sequel to Crime & Co and Arresting Delia.
By Saturday N/A   Screen-play   Aug'33 1 page 259   Page 22 only.