The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
Dante, The Inferno 268K   Dante-Divine Comedy Fowler Wright Ltd 1928 Complete 41100   Translation of Dante Alighieri. Based on Scott's idea of a Dante translation for everybody.
Dante, The Paradiso 245K   Dante-Divine Comedy Oliver & Boyd 1954 Complete 37260   Inferno, Purgatorio & parts of Paradiso appeared in 'Poetry' magazine.
Dante, The Purgatorio 241K   Dante-Divine Comedy Parts in Poetry Mag. various Complete 38000   Original spirit, subject & language & consequent translation problems make this a varied effect.
David 579K   Historical Novel Thornton Butterworth 1934 Complete 103000   Biblical romance, circa 1010 to 970 B.C.
Dawn 796K BUY Science Fiction Cosmopolitan 1929 Complete 131315   Parallel and sequel to Deluge.
Deluge 717K   Science Fiction Fowler Wright Ltd 1927 Complete 120000   Parallel and prequel to Dawn: Filmed by Admiral / RKO 1933. Harvard text book.
Deluge N/A   Screen-play   May'33 Unavailable     S.FW assisted with screen play.
Désirée 2K   Poetry General Vanity Fair May'28 Complete 110   Vol. 30 No. 3 page 79.
Devon and Cornwall Poetry 14K   Poetry EPL Merton Press 1926 Preface 1430   County Series.
Dinner In New York 653K   Crime Eyre & Spottiswoode Oct'43 Complete 107317   Also a Spanish edition Cena en Nueva York.
Dope N/A   Screen-play   Mar'36 Unavailable     Manuscript title 'Dope' - not titled - presented to 20th Century Fox circa March 1936.
The Dream 3K BUY Unpublished     1 page 204   Page 1 only available. Atomic energy in the year 2044.
Dream; or, The Simian Maid 383K   Science Fiction Jarrolds 1931 Complete 70305   Prequel to Vengeance of Gwa and Spiders' War. Time travel trilogy.
The Dwellers (519K)   Science Fiction Books For Today Jan'54 Complete 41940   Sequel to The Amphibians; also see The World Below.