The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
The Rat 50K   Science Fiction Arkham House, USA 1949 Complete 8300   The Throne Of Saturn & The New Gods Lead.
Red Ike 600K BUY Fiction Hutchinson 1931 Complete 100950   Later as Under the Brunchstone. Redaction of J.M. Denwood's Cumberland. Best seller.
Residue; poems (only 'Dust' traced) 2K   Poetry General   1948 Incomplete 175   Book of S.FW's poems - only 'Dust' positively identified.
REX v Anne Bickerton 467K BUY Crime Penguin No. 585 Nov'47 Complete (75180)   Also as The King Against Anne Bickerton and The Case of Anne Bickerton.
The Riding Of Lancelot 651K   Arthurian Legend Fowler Wright Ltd 1929 Complete uncalculated   19600 words. A Narrative Poem. 500 numbered copies.
The Rissole Mystery 362K BUY Crime Rich & Cowan 1941 Complete 58430   Original short story manuscript was titled - The Written Word
Rule 30K   Science Fiction Arkham House, USA 1949 Complete 4650   In New Gods Lead.