The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
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The War Of 1938 (620K)   Political G. P. Putnam, N.Y. 1936 See note > (100116)   Previously Prelude in Prague. Ending altered for USA market. As Bomby Nad Prahou, in Prague 1936.
Warwickshire & Staffordshire Poetry 22K   Poetry EPL Merton Press 1926 Preface 2680   County Series. S.FW poems - Desirée, Knight Errant, New Song for Daffodils, Life, Faith, God.
Warwickshire Poetry 14K   Poetry EPL Merton Press 1925 Preface 1590   County Series. S.FW poems - Desirée, Knight Errant.
Was Murder Done? 467K BUY Crime Thornton Butterworth 1936 Complete 76630    
Wessex Song 12K   Poetry EPL Fowler Wright Ltd 1928 Preface 1110   County Series.. Dorsetshire and Wiltshire - 86pp.
What Is A Dollar Worth? N/A   Missing Written Apr. 1934   Unavailable     Article.
Who But She? 46K   Crime Newnes; The Grand 1938 Complete 0   Also as Cherchez la femme & Who Else But She?(Witchfinder), short version of Who Else But She?.
Who Else But She? (short) 46K   Science Fiction Books of To-day Ltd 1945 Complete 67595   The Witchfinder, Also as Cherchez la femme & Who But She? Short versions of Who Else But She?
Who Else But She? (novel) 406K   Crime Jarrolds 1934 Complete 7231   Full novel; shortened in Cherchez la Femme, Who But She? and Who Else But She? (Witchfinder).
Who Killed Reynard? 423K BUY Crime Rich & Cowan Oct'50 Complete 0   Also as Who Murdered Reynard? and Who Murdered Henry Reynard?
Who Laughs Last N/A   Missing     Unavailable      
Who Murdered Reynard? 423K BUY Crime Rich & Cowan Jun'47 Complete 67785   Sequel to Bell St. Murders, Secret ... Screen. As Who Killed Reynard?, Who Murdered Henry Reynard?
The Will N/A   Missing Revised 1938   Unavailable      
Will It Be A Long War? N/A   Articles by S.FW Newnes War magazine   Unavailable     Sold to Newnes War magazine Dec. 1939. Not known if printed.
The Wills Of Jane Kanwhistle 441K BUY Crime Herbert Jenkins Ltd Feb'39 Complete 72716   Also spelt Kantwhistle.
Winston Churchill Article N/A   Missing Written Dec. 1940   Unavailable      
The Witchfinder 366K   Science Fiction Books of To-day Ltd 1945 Complete 14210   The Witchfinder
With Cause Enough 327K BUY Crime The Harvill Press Feb'54 Complete 52325   Sequel to The Jordans Murder - reviewed BBC radio 16.5.54.
With Cause Enough - part N/A   Screen-play   16.5.54       Written for Melville's Choice B.B.C Radio.
The World Below (519K) BUY Science Fiction Books For Today 1929 Complete 111895   Part 1 The Amphibians & part 2 The Dwellers. Time travel, adventure.
The World Below 519K BUY Science Fiction Gilbert Dalton 1978 Complete 88905 Redacted Redaction - 88,905 words. Part 1 52,608 words & part 2 36,302 words, (original 111,895 words).