The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
Hampshire Poetry 11K   Poetry EPL Fowler Wright Ltd 1928 Preface 225   County Series. 88pp
The Handprint Mystery 408K   Crime Jarrolds 1932 Complete 65983   Prequel to Arresting Delia and By Saturday; later titled Crime & Co.
The Hanging Of Constance Hillier 489K BUY Crime Jarrolds 1931 Complete 82160    
Heart Of Midlothian N/A   Screen-play   Oct.'38 Unavailable     Synopsis sent to Pinewood - may be same as under unpublished below.
Heart Of Midlothian 11K   Unpublished Sep.'38   Complete 1525   Rough justice story from Old Tolbooth Prison in Edinburgh.
Her Soul and a New Laid Egg N/A   Missing Written Dec. 1938   Unavailable      
Herefords, Worcs, Shrops & Mon. 12K   Poetry EPL Fowler Wright Ltd 1929 Preface 1335   County Series.
The Hidden Tribe 476K BUY Science Fiction Robert Hale 1938 Complete 83295   Set in Libyan desert.
Honour N/A   Missing Re-written 3.12.37   Unavailable     Possibly published in 'Saturday Review'.