The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
Obviously Suicide 8K   Science Fiction Suspense, magazine Spr'g'51 Complete 1167   Slight alteration of 'The Last Man' - also as 'Prudence'.
Of Four Who Fell N/A   Ghosted for CC Hatry   1938/39 Unavailable      
On Teaching Poetry 13K   Poetry General The Torchbearer Sep'24 Complete 1780   Article on poetry, patriotism & cultural importance.
Ordeal Of Barata 402K BUY Fiction Herbert Jenkins Ltd 1939 Complete 65900   Romantic, political intrigue.
Original Sin 20K   Science Fiction Arkham House, USA 1949 Complete 6850   The Throne Of Saturn & The Witchfinder. Short version of The Adventure Of Wyndham Smith..
Outbreak From Earth 64K   Science Fiction   1955 Unavailable     Entered into same Shasta Sci-fi competition as 'Space In Reverse'.
Oxfordshire, Berks, Bucks 14K   Poetry EPL Fowler Wright 1930 Preface 1115   County Series.